Emergency Social Safety Net


Right now, 1.8 million refugees in Turkey receive our support to pay for the things they need most, like food and rent. Small monthly payments give them greater control of their life — and #powertobe

Meet Davud, Amal, Bilal and Hamad!

The campaign aims to raise awareness about the challenges faced by people fleeing conflict, by portraying them as individuals with passions and talents.

Bilal wants to play football for Real Madrid one day. Hummus and Falafel is what reminds Amal of Syria.

Hamad loves to sing. He sings everywhere. What's your passion?

Through inspiring passions, they are connected with Influencers from Europe.

The digital campaign raises awareness in five different countries!
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Want to know more? Visit the international page or find even more info on the national pages of Spain, Romania, France, Turkey or Austria.

Client: IFRC / Year: 2020-2021
Strategy: Eva Müller / Creative Direction: Jon Hoekstra
Project Management: Nora Kaiser, Karina Mehlis /
Art Direction: Mattea Bug, Jakob Göbel / Programming: Felix Niklas
Film & Photography: Katja Renner
Executive Producer: Vanessa Tomm