What we love brings us together


Right now, 1.8 million refugees in Turkey are receiving support through the ESSN programme, provided by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC). This allows them to pay for the things they need most, like food and rent. A win-win for refugees and for the local economy. At the same time, these small monthly payments also enable them to take their lives into their own hands — giving the #powertobe

Meet Davud, Amal, Bilal and Hamad!

Davud practices parkour by the coast, Amal cooks and shows her recipes on YouTube, Bilal really wants to play against Ronaldo, and Hamad sings pretty much everywhere.

Our campaign seeks to foster an understanding for people who have had to flee conflicts - and exactly for this reason portrays them first and foremost not as "refugees", but as individuals with passions and talents. And these passions connect Davud, Amal, Bilal and Hamad with people in other countries that share the same passions:

The #powertobe campaign is raising awareness in seven different countries:

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Want to know more? Visit the international campaign page or find even more encounters and infos on the national pages of Spain, Romania, France, Turkey or Austria.

Client: IFRC / Year: 2020-2021
Strategy: Eva Müller / Creative Direction: Jon Hoekstra
Project Management: Nora Kaiser, Karina Mehlis /
Art Direction: Mattea Bug, Jakob Göbel / Programming: Felix Niklas
Film & Photography: Katja Renner
Executive Producer: Vanessa Tomm