SOCIAL SOCIAL works as a skill sharing platform — and as a full-service agency, applying our communication expertise for social causes across all media. This mix brought together a group of savvy data experts, international strategists and creatives with a special experience and love for social change. See some of them below!

Strategy & Concept

  • Strategic Development
  • Concept & Creation
  • Focus Groups, digital & on-site
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In socialmedia, a lot is done quickly and spontaneously. Which is nice! But often, the dialogic power is not unleashed, and strategic learning potential remains unused. We start with intensive data analysis, define a strategic compass, and assign a precise role to each channel before launching into a passionate conceptualization. This makes communicating not only easier, but also more targeted.


  • All Media, Social first
  • Film & Photography Production
  • Fundraising & Fun
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Social media needs one thing above all: great content with exciting stories. Even better if you can take part in those stories yourself. We specialize in giving form to that content in moving images, photos and text that is relevant and comes from the heart. At the same time, we develop successful online tools & generators that make participating in a campaign a rightout joy.


  • Media Planning & Playout
  • Data Monitoring & Analysis
  • Creator Contact & Activation
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No channel in the history of communication provides as many detailed data and setting options as social media. You can dislike that. Or you can use it for important things — and not leave the field to commercial providers alone. We have proven online performance and data experts on our team who use the knowledge they have for social purposes. The same goes for our global network of creators and yes, influencers, too.

Learn & Share

  • Workshops & Trainings
  • Study Series
  • Talks & Keynotes
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SOCIAL SOCIAL was founded to enable positive social change through successful, contemporary communication. In addition to developing specific projects, we do this by sharing our expertise. Which, in turn, comes from practical experience — and from our study series in which we analyze successful social media communication by social organizations. We love to pass all this on in concrete presentations & workshops.

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