Building opportunities together

Montag Stiftung Urbane Räume stands for equitable neighbourhood development that benefits everybody. Simply put, they develop old buildings or deserted areas with and for the people who live right around them. A faceted process of community participation makes sure that interested groups, individuals and entities shape the essence of each planned project. And: what is learned along the way is gladly shared.

We are happy to support Montag Stiftung Urbane Räume as lead agency, from brand strategy and social media to events and print publishing. The "Werkbericht 2021" is a tangible example of the latter:

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It was launched to the field as part of an online symposium.

The entire symposium can be viewed here.

And the feeds are filling up nicely — week after week!

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Client: Montag Stiftung Urbane Räume / since 2020
Strategy: Eva Müller, Max Kowalewski / Creative Direction: Jon Hoekstra
Project Management: Anne Jugert, Katrin Lichtenberg, Karina Mehlis
Art Direction: Mattea Bug, Jakob Göbel, Henry Neudorf, Dorian Hehn
Copy: Svetlana Kalmann, Geske Houtrow / Digital Marketing: Joshua Leigh