International Women Human Rights Defenders Day

Across the globe, activists for women's rights and democracy are being attacked. Together with twelve organisations from four countries, we developed a campaign that can be adapted.

Over 40 activists from Armenia, Georgia, Germany and Ukraine joined up over several weeks, in order share communications experience and learn from each other, counter hate speech, and strengthen the forces campaigning for democracy and human rights.

The empowerment campaign we designed represents diversity on an international as well as a local level, since themes and narratives were developed individually for each country. We were not only able to share our expertise, but above all learn from direct insight into the challenges faced locally - a process that carries on through the networks created.

Client: filia.die frauenstiftung / Year: 2020-2021
Strategy: Eva Müller, Max Kowalewski / Creative Direction: Jon Hoekstra
Project Management: Nora Kaiser / Art Direction: Mattea Bug
Motion Graphics: Saskia Hundt, Fabian Krauss