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Social Social works as an educative platform, and as a full-service creative agency specialized in communication for social causes in social media. We connect smart data experts with creative people who have years of experience and love for social issues.


  • Social Media Strategy
  • Communication planning
  • Efficiency measurement
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In social networks a lot is done ad-hoc communicates, reacts quickly and I made it myself. That's nice. But often the enormous potential of Social Media not right with it exploited. We start with intensive data analysis, define a strategic compass for our content and assign to each channel the exact the right role before we start with the Communications go live. That's what not only communicate more easily, but also more target-oriented and with better results.


  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Influencer activation
  • Social Media Publishing
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Hardly any channel is as honest with feedback as social media. That's good when thousands of 'likes' are raining. But unfortunately also in the bad, if a flop is bitterly reviled in public or even worse ignored. In social networks, stories have to be authentic, touchable, concise and above all honest. In many good, but also sometimes difficult moments, we have learned what really works and what doesn't.


  • Social Media Sewer Planning
  • Playout and Amplification
  • Dynamic testing and monitoring
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No other channel in advertising history provides as many detailed data and setting options as social media. You can find that stupid. Or use it for your own good purposes and don't leave the field to commercial providers alone. We have proven online performance & data experts in our team who would like to use the knowledge they otherwise use on major brands for social purposes.


  • Film and photo production
  • Influencer Events
  • Content Production
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Social media needs one thing above all else: great content with exciting stories. And best of all every day. We have specialised in creating exciting content in moving images, photos and text that is credible and relevant, even with small budgets. And that in all formats from crosswise, upside down to upside down and time periods from a few seconds to many minutes and hours.

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